Frequently Asked Questions

1It is in Tally.ERP 9 only?
No, it’s an Integration Tool in Tally.ERP 9 through TDL
2How to import Inventory / Stock Item Master?
As we are running the business on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. Multiple Portal so is it possible to manage my stock items.
3 If I am using the same company for all Portal?
Yes, it is very much possible as we have a feature to create or updating stock item master. A tool that will update ASIN, FSN, SPUC code for the specific product.
4Do we have to work on Excel to copy-paste into your Excel Format, which means any common format of excel?
We worked on the Original Portal Excel Sheet, no need for copy-paste to make another common sheet.
5Will import the same sheet. How to keep track? Means Duplication of records
Duplication of any transaction not possible, it will show error report. (In case of sales and return only)
6What will be the speed of Import, from Excel to Tally?
Speed of Import, more than 1000 voucher in less than a minute
7Will this tool compatible with the merchant as well as FBA/ Warehouse model?
Yes, it will work on the merchant as well as the multi-location FBA Model. Along with this say if u have multiple location warehouse at Bhiwandi, Delhi, Gujarat, Jaipur, etc. will also work.
8Will work at all India merchant?
Yes it will work for across India merchant.
9This Tool, works on Pirated Tally? Old release say 2+, 3+, 4+ etc.?
This Integration tool only works with Latest License Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 5+
10Will this tool work on any other software?
No, This Integration tool will work only on Tally.ERP 9
11What is the basic requirement to use this software?
Tally ERP 9 single or multi User License // if not then you can go for a rental license.
12If we use your tool, will it disturb the existing tally features?
Not at all, as we have given you a way to import data, nothing will disturb internally.
13Can we use our Invoice Numbering format?
No, as we use all Portal data sheet so it is not possible to maintain our invoice number.
14As you are using the portal sheets directly, it is possible that sheets will change, how you people manage for that?
Once you purchase this tool, we keep on providing the updated Integration Tools
15As we are already using TDL for something … with that it is possible to use your TDL also? Is it your TDL program will compatible with our existing TDL program file?
Yes, as our tool is flexible in that condition.
16We are working on multiple portals, out of many portal solutions you have, but rest of portal can u develop for us?
It is very much possible to develop new portal integration.
17Want to Generate Barcode from Tally while returning the product
Generation of Barcode from Tally.ERP 9 very much possible.
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